Install Faenza (or other) icon sets in LibreOffice 4.3 (and later?) the “Proper Way”(In Ubuntu and Debian at least)

The Faenza icon set, as downloaded from the 1st link provided in the instructions below

When the Sifr icon theme was released I was excited by it. It looked great, it was new, it was flat….it was just great. But a few months later, it felt a bit ugly, grey, and boring to me.

I then got reminded by how great the Faenza icon theme looked on Libreoffice, as can be seen here (note: I didn’t use the pack that page links to since it doesn’t seem to work for Libreoffice 4.3, which in turn seems to be the only version of LibreOffice the instructions below work for). Unfortunately, I was driven away from it by its installation process: Continue reading