Here’s all you need to know (or at least all I <em>think</em> you need to know:

This is just another blog, on the WWW, made by a teenager (so excuse anything that’s not supposed to be on this site), who uses Trisquel GNU/Linux, and when I can use only <a href=fsf.org>Free Software</a> (Oh, and an Adobe-Flash-less life can be and is enjoyable – proof being your ARM tablet). I’m a guy so excuse the pink header but unless you’re willing to pay for me a decent theme, or a server, or show me a decent free-of-charge theme please enjoy it :p

Richard M. Stallman (who started the Free Software movement, by launching the GNU operating system, which most people know, wrongly in my opinion, as Linux (which is “only” a kernel – something the GNU project has somehow, someway, not finished in more than 2 decades!)

Oh, and should you see mistakes being made, please comment on them, and pray that the comment will be noticed and the mistake fixed. And I apologise in advance.


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